Style Trends That Men and Women Hate The Most

We all know that through the years people change their style almost every 7 years and plus the fashion industry works hard to find something new that will become trendy and will replace other trends and styles, according to Hater app (a dating app that matches people according on what they hate) shared some new information from which we are able to know what style trends men and women hate the most, here are some examples, so her ewe go

Let’s start from women Teens hate New Balance Shoes

Women in 20’s hate the fedora hats

Women in 30’s hate music festival style

Women in 40’s hate skinny ties

Women in 50’s hate jogger pants

There are the fashion trends that women hate the most through the years. Now let’s write down what men hate the most. for example

Teen hate the Turtlenecks

Men in 20’s hate Henna tattoos

Men in 30’s hate Dog Filter on Snapchat

Men in 40’s hate leopard skin print 

Men in 50’s hate Lot’s of makeup 

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