Learn How To Make The Best Stress Ball At Home

Stress is a common thing for people nowadays. With all the working, housekeeping and taking care of children, it’s normal to be stressed, it’s hard work! Sometimes nerves can’t handle everything and the best thing to help you stay calm is to focus your brain activity on something else. That’s why somebody invented stress toys, squeeshy balls and etc. This things really help me to keep my mind stress free and it gives me joy every time I play with them. And there is no need to search them online or at the stores because you can make it yourself. It’s very easy and I’m sure you and your children will love them.


All you need is:

  • Latex balloon (Latex won’t break too easily)
  •  Corn starch
  • Water
  • Plastic bottle (to use it as a funnel)


Step 1:

Cut the plastic bottle to make a funnel. We are using a plastic bottle because it has a larger opening. attach the balloon to the bottle as shown in the picture bellow


Step 2:

Add little water to the balloon for some weight, and start adding corn starch. Add about one table spoon of corn starch, when it’s in, massage the balloon to mix the ingredients and start over with adding a little bit of water, then a spoon of corn starch. repeat the steps until the balloon in full.

Step 3:

When your balloon is full pinch it at the top and tie a knot. Try not to get air in it.

And you are done! You have a perfect stress ball! Now take other balloons and start making more because your kids going to love it 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Best Wishes,

Neesly Team 🙂

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