Learn how to make a easy braided earrings (DIY Tutorial)


Hello, I found a great tutorial for you today. I’m sure you love braided earrings, they really look great and you will love them even more when you’ll make them yourself. You will be amazed how easy it is to make this earrings and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process. The tutorial below is not only for the earrings shown on the picture but 2 other identically cute earrings with silver and gold copper wires. I suggest making your first earrings exactly the same as shown in the video for you to get to know the principals, but after that you should definitely improvise and add some imagination to the earrings.

First of all, you will need:
20 gauge(0.8mm) non tarnish, silver plated copper wire
20 gauge non tarnish, gold plated copper wire
Tiny pink and green glass beads
Wire cutters, chain nose pliers
Round objects to shape the earrings(I used nail varnish bottle and a Small glass for the gold DIY earrings)
Tape measure or a ruler
Nail file or sand paper

Grab the materials and tools and let’s get to it!
Here is a tutorial that will help you:

Follow the instructions step by step and have fun!
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